Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries


        Timely payment of Government claims.

        Timely credits of Government dues / collection / taxes.

       Compilation of Government Accounts i.e. Receipts and Payments.

        Submission of Accounts to Accountant General.

       Safe custody of valuable and sale of stamps to licenced stamp vendors/public.

        Pension Payments

              Accountings of Public Deposits and implementation of Letter of Credit System introduced for cheque system of Roads and Building, Irrigation and Forest Department.

        Inspection of Treasuries and Sub Treasuries.

Ø      Dealing with :

        Drawing and Disbursing Officers                             3581

        Controlling Officers                                                        773

        Heads of Departments                                                 179

        Administrative Departments                                          27

        District Treasuries                                                           33 

        Pension Payment Office                                                 2

        Sub Treasuries                                                              137

        Divisional Treasury Office                                                1

        Pay and Accounts Offices                                                 2



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